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  Lands Of Allah  

Lands Of Allah

Rui Pires

Lands of Allah focuses on the Berber tribes of Northern Africa. It is one of the richest ancient cultures in Africa.

The Berbers are also called “Imazighen” or “free-man.” They are comprised of the many indigenous ethnic groups that live in the region from the Nile Valley to Morocco.  Many still live a nomadic life. The presence of the Arabic language and dialects is due to the spread of Islam and to the immigration of Arab tribes to the region centuries ago. However, the Berber identity is wider than language and ethnicity, and encompasses the entire history and geography of North Africa.

My approach to this documentary is humanist and always realistic. Too often, the people of Northern Africa are inaccurately depicted by the press.  They are regularly linked to violence and terrorism. The roots of Berber civilization are peaceful and rich in culture. My goal is to show this unknown culture to the world.