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  Urban Cave  

Urban Cave
Andrea Star Reese

In New York, there is a short dead end street called, the Bat Cave. All hours, day and night, people come and go seeking its shadows. The faces change. Some leave for treatment, jail, family, or housing. Others just leave. Many return.

Fragile and resilient, tragic and beautiful, self-destructive yet surviving, these homeless men and women are just people. They are a part of us, neither more than us, nor less than us. Yet they are apart from us. Nothing is simple in the shadows of the street.

The Urban Cave is a story about the resilience and humanity of people who live "homeless" on the other side of conventional society. It is about a group of individuals and the spectrum of their lives. The images are in response to the beauty of a place, a people, and the dignity, determination, and perseverance of that particular long-term homeless culture.