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Exhibition -  An Uneasy Peace: Northern Ireland photographs by Mariusz Smiejek
New Multimedia Feature: Aguas Negras - by Janet Jarman
Witness Magazine - Islam In New York - by Richard Falco
New Gallery – Cancer, Courage and Family - by Nancy Borowick
New Gallery – I Am Arnav, Not Arnie - by Smita Sharma
New Multimedia Feature: The Miracle Man - A Production Of Marc Maignan
Corcovado's Dark Secret – A film by Ryan & Sherwood
Josie: A Film About Williams Syndrome - Eades, Falco & Reyntiens
New eBook: Hunger and Rice in Asia by Richard Falco
Film – Holding Back The Surge - New Orleans by Richard Falco
Film – Crossroads: Rural Healthcare In America by Richard Falco and Joe Alicastro
A Tribute to September 11: American-Cuban Cultural Collaboration Project
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