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  Out Of Tibet  

Out Of Tibet

Albertina d'Urso

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The independent country of Tibet was invaded by China in 1949-50. The fate of Tibet's unique cultural and religious identity is today seriously threatened and manipulated by the Chinese. China's policy of occupation and oppression has resulted in the destruction of Tibet's national independence and the universal human rights of its people.

This project focuses on the exiled Tibetans across the world. My purpose was to document the Tibetans who had to escape from their homeland, crossing the Himalayan range by foot, in order to defend their culture and religious identity, their traditions and their language from Chinese repression.

Through the years I have been shooting Tibetan refugees in: India, Taiwan, New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam and Toronto. I have sought to document their activities and culture in the country where they now live. The goal has been to show them in their new environment and homes, always focusing on their emotions and attachment to their homeland.