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  Wastelands: Pollution In Bangladesh  

Wastelands: Pollution In

Probal Rashid

Over the past 15 years, just outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, there are many hazardous and potentially dangerous polluting industries situated in the Gazipur, Narayangonj, Keraniganj and Savar Districts. These areas have become industrial clusters where rapid, unplanned industrial expansion has led to serious local pollution.

There are now several different types of industries located here. They include: textile manufacturers, dyeing and printing units, tanneries, chemical factories, poultry farms and pharmaceutical industries. However, only a few have installed the necessary equipment needed to connect to the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Because of these failures, there is an indiscriminate discharge of liquid waste that has ruined a large part of the rivers and other natural water resources. This is causing immense suffering to residents living on the banks, as well as destroying fish and other aquatic life. Fertile agricultural land is becoming infertile due to unmonitored dumping. Industrial waste and black smoke created by brick kilns has increased the sufferings of many villagers who have been compelled to move away. There has also been a surge of diseases like tuberculosis, lung cancer, respiratory problems, and skin cancer.

This extensive industrial pollution has forced many people to live in a hazardous environment that has become a major threat to their lives.